08.12.2016 | HELL KITCHEN 192 | SHMIDOO [CZ] - GUEST MIX



В этот четверг в эфире HELL KITCHEN RADIOSHOW прозвучит гостевой микс от продюсера из Чехии - SHMIDOO!!! И, как всегда, наши каверзные вопросы в традиционном блиц-интервью!!! Подключайтесь!!!


Музыка: SHMIDOO - Guest Mix

01. Panacea – Found A Lover (Cooh rmx)
02. Sinister Souls & Bratkilla – The Lich
03. Heavygrinder – Break Free (Zardonic rmx)
04. Earbutter – War feat. Spragga Benz (Zardonic rmx)
05. Beneath The Fortuna Mashup Limewax – Can’t Hide (Cooh rmx)
06. Gancher & Ruin – Magnetism
07. Gorebug – Singularity
08. Savage & Peter Kurten - Turn Me Around (Hallucinator Remix)
09. Mind Of Forrest Mashup C-Netik – Cut The Pace (Synthakt rmx)
10. Shmidoo – Systema
-> Panacea – Ryse & Shiiine Feat. Goldberg Variations & Untergang (Cooh Remix)
11. Hallucinator & Cooh – The Solution
12. Petram – My Future
13. BSA – He Is Real
14. Dub Elements & eRRe - Pop Im (Sinister Souls Sup a Coup Edit)
15. Triamer & Nagato – Fairy Tales (feat. Nais)
16. Brainpain – Bullet Holes (Shmidoo rmx)
17. Triamer & Nagato – Hands Up
18. Hallucinator – Raise Your Middle Finger VIP
19. Damage Inc. – Elucidate
20. Cooh – Teroma (Counterstrike rmx)
21. Detest - Brave The Storm (Limewax Thrasher rmx)
22. Shmidoo – Autopsy
23. Lowroller – Mixbreed Soldier


HELL KITCHEN: How long have you been doing music? Why did you choose drum'n'bass?

SHMIDOO: 10 years ago (I guess) I started as a dnb Dj, and after 4 years I started with production, so its now about 6 years. I choose dnb because of it’s energy, specialy in harder styles of drum and bass, but I like to listen to all subgenres of dnb (just not jump up), because it’s extremely sophisticated genre and behind every track is a lot of hard work.

HK: Where is your creative pseudonim from? What mean your pseudonim?

SHMIDOO: It’s from my surname Šmída (pron. Shmida), because my friends were calling me shmidu or shmido, so I just make it looks more ‘’cool’’.

HK: Who was an inspiration to you when you were starting out and who inspires you today? Who are your favourite producers?

SHMIDOO: The biggest inspiration for me is Ivan Shopov aka Cooh, and not just only in Drum and bass music. When i was starting with djing, my favourite producers were guys like Raiden, Proket, Cooh, Panacea, The Sect, Evol Intent, Spor, Current Value etc., I really loved technoid and dark drum and bass, but then the evil twins came and I felt in love with hardcore drum and bass, of course some crazy crosbreeds like Panacea’s ‘‘schranz and bass‘‘ were already here, but in my opinion Gancher & Ruin came with something new and their style affected me so much, After that, the mighty ‘‘Porto-step‘‘ arised, and its the best combination of hardcore and dnb for me, so i love the whole Yellow-Stripe crew! Also I love guys from Sinister Souls, Hallucinator, Triamer & Nagato, and there are plenty more…

HK: Who you know from russian drum’n’bass producers? How you estimate quality of their works?

SHMIDOO: As I said Gancher & Ruin were one of the biggest influences, also Triamer & Nagato are making really  lovely tracks and guys from Harder & Louder recordings helped me a lot. Big up Fakemachine bro! Russia is just headquarters for hard drum and bass for me.

HK: Would you like to visit Russia? What you know about our country?

SHMIDOO: Oh I would love to! Russian architecture is amazing! Parties looks crazy, Russians really know how to go hard! I am mainly vodka drinker, so all praise the mighty Russian Standard! :D and everybody in Czech, born before 90’s, knows nested dolls, I remember my grandmom had ones. Oh man the sound of balalaika in Dereck’s track Moldova! Instant goosebumps!

HK: Our most firm questions - What you had the most favourite toy in the childhood?) And what is the strangest place where you left the autograph?

SHMIDOO: Lego! My kids is going to have a lot of Lego and they wont play with it, because I will!!! Last weekend when I played in Graz / Austria, one girl asked for autograph under her nose, like a moustache, there were plenty more crazy requests for autograph, but this girl won it!

HK: What are you doing in time, free from creativity? Hobbies, interests, sport.

SHMIDOO: Well, my second huge hobby is graphic design and illustrations, so my head is all the time in creative clouds, but besides that, skate or die! Well, for now it’s more die than skate, because I am getting older and it hurts much more :D but till my young age, I am so deep into skateboarding and snowboarding. 

What are your current top 5 tracks?

Gorebug – Singularity
Limewax – Can’t Hide (Cooh rmx)
Shmidoo – Systema
BSA – He Is Real
Heavygrinder - Break Free (Zardonic Remix)