17.11.2016 | HELL KITCHEN 189 | GOREBUG [SK] - GUEST MIX



В этот четверг в эфире HELL KITCHEN RADIOSHOW прозвучит гостевой микс от продюсера из Словакии - GOREBUG!!! Мэттью - молодой и талантливый музыкант из Словакии. Свою карьеру он начал в возрасте 17 лет, в то время drum'n'bass у него получался довольно легким. Но позже он увлекся более тяжелыми поджанрами и изменил псевдоним на Gorebug, таким он и остался до сих пор. Отдает предпочтение таким стилям, как darkstep, techstep, hardstep and crossbreed. https://soundcloud.com/gorebug-1

Музыка: GOREBUG - Guest Mix

01. GoreBug - Singularity
02. The Sect - Turrican (Katharsys remix)
03. Erre ft BSA & Fragz - Boombox Terror
04. Cooh - Strench
05. Crawler - Product Of His Rage
06. Fragz - FTK
07. GoreBug - Gorebreed Time
08. Fragz - STFU
09. GoreBug - Airforce
10. Counterstrike - The Signal
11. GoreBug - Bunker Buster
12. Dkaos - Epistemic
13. Brainpain & YMB - Move Those Feet
14. Infamous & Syrinx - Possibility
15. Peter Kurten & Air J - KILL
16. BSA - Other Places
17. GoreBug - No Reason
18. Triple Sickz - Stomper (GoreBug remix)
19. GoreBug - Mutant
20. Synthakt - When The Old Gods Rise
21. GoreBug - World On Fire
22. Infamous - Ion Storm
23. Edub ft After Aphex - Fuck Modernos
24. GoreBug - The Definition Of Insanity
25. Savage & GoreBug - Vortex Swarm
26. Proton Kid ft Sinister Souls - Mad Men
27. Counterstrike - Fear Division Destruction
28. Bratkilla ft Syrebral - Nefertitie
29. Sei2ure - Informer
30. Mikromakine - The Past Is Dead (Sei2ure remix)


HELL KITCHEN: How long have you been doing music? Why did you choose drum'n'bass?

GOREBUG: It all began in 2007, when i started making beats for hiphop. Meanwhile i was trying to do liquid drum and bass, people liked that so i was continuing in this more. Over time i stepped up in the hard way and people, just as well as me, liked it more and more so it is with me until now. I chose drum and bass because i always liked faster tempo. When i was a child, i was listening The Prodigy, some jungle music, this is the best way to have fun and let off steam for me. 

HK: Where is your creative pseudonim from? What mean your pseudonim?

GOREBUG: My first pseudonym was „Lanazz“, i dont know what crossed my mind i that time. But in my first „harder“ track ,Deserve to Die, my brother suggested me to change my name and he thought up the name  „Gorebug“, which means fault caused by violence, or system error.

HK: Who was an inspiration to you when you were starting out and who inspires you today? Who are your favourite producers?

GOREBUG: Producers, who inspired me are from harder subgenres like Current Value, Idoleast, Gancher&Ruin, C.A.2.K, Terroreast, Cooh,..and more.  In this time, i really like to play tracks from Fragz, BSA, Sinister Souls, The Outside Agency, Triamer & Nagato,...the harder the better! 

HK: Who you know from russian drum’n’bass producers? How you estimate quality of their works?

GOREBUG: From russian producers i like  Receptor, Absurd, Terroreast, Triamer & Nagato, or Idoleast (Scythe VIP and Defeat Us are always one of my favorite tracks!). These guys showed me the way which im doing now, so they are a big pattern for me and i admire and respect them and their production.

HK: Would you like to visit Russia? What you know about our country?

GOREBUG: Russia is an interesting country for me as well as the people who live there. I really would like to visit Russia one time, but i know it is difficult to get visa there. With vodka i have good and also bad experiences. We have it ofcourse in Slovakia too, but im sure that it is not that good like in Russia. About balalayka i know that it is a music instrument, but i dont know how it looks like. Matrioshka....it is a set of wooden dolls, and i think there was a movie called Matrioshka.

HK: Our most firm questions - What you had the most favourite toy in the childhood?) And what is the strangest place where you left the autograph?

GOREBUG: I always liked war games and stuff like that, so my favorite toy was my plastic AK-47, which i bought at the city fair and some mock firearms. I always like to play airsoft, so im always a little child in my heart, but with better and stronger machine gun. Hmm, the weirdest place for autogram? It was maybe when i a was little child and i wrote my full name on the wall in abandoned boiler room and because of that it wasn´t hard way to find me for police and i was prosecuted for vandalism.

HK: What are you doing in time, free from creativity? Hobbies, interests, sport.

GOREBUG: Most of my time takes my work, but when i have really a free time i love to spend some time with my girlfriend, or im playing PS4, fixing my car, playing airsoft, or im going out with friends. iuk, also I play a lot of table tennis.

HK: What are your current top 5 tracks?

GOREBUG: They are maybe older tracks, but for me they are great and i really like to play them on gigs.

1. C.A.2.K – Metal Gear
2. Fragz & BSA – Boombox Terror
3. TOA & Current Value – They Are Human
4. Sinister Souls – Let Me In
5. BSA – Other Places